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Et Ful movie

Download Etharkkum Thunindhavan Full Movie Telugu Hindi Tamil

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Download ET Full Movie Telugu Hindi Tamil

The recent release of Suriya from last month is a great message orient movie which basically deals with the happenings of young girls and their abusers. The issues are clearly shown in the films and definitely generates the awareness among everyone.

Story: (Spoiler Alert)

The whole story deals with a village girls being blackmailed by a group of people with a leader(Vinay Rai). He sends his boys and make girls love them and then they start blackmailing. If they turn against, they will kill them in a cold-blood murder and designs it as an accident.

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Apart from this Suriya lives happy life with his family as a lawyer and falls in love with a girl(Priyanka Arul) from the other village. No one agrees for marriage as they are from different villages. Suriya however makes it happens with the help of his mother-in-law and others. Eventually, heroine’s friend gets in that trap of those blackmailing people and will be in a chase by them to kill her. Suriya recuses her and gets in the fight with those imbeciles.

Eventually, that group starts threatening Suriya in all possible ways like releasing all the videos of victims. Suriya doesn’t give up.

They will spy on Suriya’s house and releases a video of his wife which is devastating for him and his family. Priyanka gets totally collapsed but then gets some maturity of logic and releases a video of who should be ashamed. Suriya’s gets furious and decides to put a case on them as he is a lawyer. But, in the court the whole idea gets totally reverse and it goes in the favor of Vinay Rai’s and Suriya and his father goes to jail instead.

Then, they will have the plan of brutality in the jail and on the day of release, Suriya kidnaps everyone of that gang including the leader Vinay Rai. Suriya calls every family member of each person involved in the gang and doings. They will feel repent and brutally kills them. Yes, their families kill they people of their family who are in the gang.

Suriya decides to have this mark of all murders and again goes back to the bars. 

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