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About the movie

This weekend, Zack Snyder returns with his latest film. From Army of the Dead, to the zombie genre where he seems more interesting in finding new.

The interesting ways to scare us than in making sure that the plot is twisted in his predictable script-writing land to maximum fanfare. It’s not that the result isn’t a new idea.

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It’s just that for a lean 90-minute film, it’s enough to be a third of cumbersome dialogue, rather than one. Snyder shot the action-packed Dawn, his best feature film from 2004. Amid ongoing terror attacks and fears of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

About the Director

Snyder has a good time following Bautista as he assembles a crew of Oceans Eleven that is worth introducing. He use the long-grooming zombie pocalypse to return to their trademarks with Scott’s Fixer Nora Arnezeder. It is leading them through the depths of the abandon town of Las Vegas. On the other side you have Scott’s close friend Cruz Omari Hardwick as Safe-racker Dieter (Matthias), Nora as a smuggler.

She leads her out of town, the zombie-killing YouTube sensation Guzman (Raul Castillo) and his girlfriend Chamber (Samantha Win). And a crack pilot Peter (one of the best roles in the film) and Tanaka.

Speaking to Junkee after the release, Snyder reveal that he chose Mexico City as the next Ground Zero for the zombie outbreak.

In Snyder’s words, “You can’t build a wall” in Mexico City, which is a far cry from the U.S. government’s ability to seal off Las Vegas with shipping containers.

You can download Army of the Dead by the links below.

The movie was made into a movie for me after Zack Snyder introduce it to us three years ago.

Netflix is the perfect place for this kind of original storytelling. I want to ensure that we had the opportunity to bring Zack’s vision to the world.


If the Dead follows a group of mercenaries during the zombie outbreak in Las Vegas who come into the quarantine zone to commit a major robbery.

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