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Recent blockbuster from Balakrishna is Akhanda which is in the direction of Boyapati Srinu. The elevations and BGM by SS Thaman is a great add-on for the movie.

Storyline (Spoiler Alert) :-

Movie opens with a birth of two children where one of them seems unresponsive. Immediately, father takes him to a Saint(Aghora Baba) (Jagapathi Babu). He tells them that the child is born for a strong reason. And says, he should be sent to the saints and to be raise as a strict saint. His father agrees with the Aghora and sends his one of the twin son. The second son stays with the family and will be raised as a good powerful man helping all the people in the village.

(We will update the links in here once the movie is on release to the OTT).

Link-1: Download Akhanda Full Movie

  1. Open the link above and scroll a bit down.
  2. Then, you can see the download option.
  3. Click on it to start download.
  4. You will get a link which will work for 8 hours.
  5. Download it within those 8 hours.

There will be an intro fight of the Balakrishna along with the introduction of the actress (Saranya) with a misunderstanding of him. Saranya is a collector of that specific area. Eventually, Saranya comes to know about Murali Krishna and his activities, how good he is and all the stuff. She falls in love with him.

Then, there will a unknown disease type thing in the village which perplexes all the doctors and no one can find a solution to it specifically. Murali comes to know that it’s a deadly disease which is causing from a factor. It extracts Uranium illegally and pretending like an ordinary mining company. Hero goes there and warns him and comes back.

There will be a bomb blast in the hospital where these disease people are treating.

NIA arrests Murali for this blast of a some ridiculous proof. Villains tries to kill Murali’s family and kills most of them.

Saranya and her daughter tries maximum to escape and gets into a huge old cave.

When the moment, they almost gets killed, there comes the Akhada( the one who was separated at the beginning of the movie and rescues them with a blessing) (everyone will be in a shock and there comes the interval for the movie).

Second half will about how and why Akhanda rescue the family and kills finishes all the villains.

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